Quick fanny packs...Always wanted to make some but needed the pressure of back-to-school and the ask for a place to stash extra masks. Version two has been kid approved (still prototypes though...as it often happens). In additon to version one and two I tried one other idea but didn't like how finicky it was without at least looking cool in the end.

For me a good project these days is one I can riff of in an evening (and such evening usually starts just shy of 9pm, after most (ok, some) evidence of life that has happened in our household that day has been cleaned up. Or a project that is easy to return to (yes, that vest for Olin I was making good progress on is now growing old and likely too small in the knitting bag I made, as I forgot the pattern since I last picked it up.

But back to fanny packs. I am still not happy with how tricky these rounded edges are (for the impatient person I am who preferes very few pinning needles and "pi mal Daumen" sewing the literal translation for this would be "pi times thumb" "meaning "approximate" or "roughly" which is actually quite funny because it combines the very precise notation of Pi with something ridiculously inaccurate (your thumb). Sorry I digress, againm). But with my new sewing machine and a pattern I finally drew up rather than using said "pi times thumb" I am hopeful the next round will come out nice (and speedy).

Will post measurments and instructions if there's an interest. Until then here's a quick visiual of the pieces required (a serger really makes sense for this project).